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Wishing you all the very best teaching HyFlex at CUNY!

Project Acknowledgements

We are so thankful to the following individuals and groups who have contributed their time, energy and resources to CUNY HyFlex Website:


Gina Riley, Program Leader/Clinical Professor, Adolescent Special Education, CUNY Hunter   

Shiraz Biggie, Website Designer

Laura Baecher, Professor of TESOL, School of Education, CUNY Hunter  

G. Michael Guy, University Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies  

Andrew G. McKinney, Open Education Resource Coordinator

Antonia Levy, CUNY School of Professional Studies

CUNY College Centers of Teaching and Learning

CUNY Committee on Academic Technology Subcommittee on Enhancing Teaching, Learning, and Support  

CUNY Hyflex Training Facilitators, HyFlexperts, and Participants (2021 & 2022)

CUNY Innovative Teaching Academy  

CUNY Innovative Pedagogy Group

Brian Beatty, San Francisco State University

Hunter College Hyflex Community Conversation Participants

Lehman College Hyflex Pilot Site Creators

Lucinda Zoe, CUNY Senior University Dean and Vice Provost of Academic Programs and Policy

Maria Stracke, CUNY School of Professional Studies

Olena Zhadko, CUNY School of Professional Studies

Ruru Rusmin, CUNY School of Professional Studies

Sakina Laksimi, Lehman College

Shiao-Chuan Kung, Hunter College ACERT