Module Three

Creating HyFlex Classroom Culture

Module Overview: Within this module, creating a positive HyFlex classroom culture is explored.

  • Read
  • Review and Create a Sample Welcome Letter
  • Checkpoint Quiz

Guiding Questions

  • How will you introduce your HyFlex class to your students?
  • What will you do during class to create a positive, supportive HyFlex classroom culture?


HyFlex Course Design Examples, Kevin Kelley, EdD, (2021) San Francisco State University

Teaching in a Classroom with HyFlex
created by the Center for Instructional Technology and Training at the University of Florida

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Create a sample letter for your future HyFlex students using the following template:

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Module Three Checkpoint

In a HyFlex class, learning objectives:

Prof. Smith is teaching a HyFlex class at CUNY, what can she do in the first couple of weeks of class to create a positive hyflex classroom culture?

Providing a backchannel is a helpful way to get HyFlex students to talk with each other outside of class. A backchannel can be hosted on: