Module Four

Planning, Instruction, and Assessment in HyFlex Learning

Module Overview: Within this module, ways to equitably plan, instruct, and assess within a HyFlex classroom are reviewed.

  • Read
  • Explore Sample Syllabi
  • Checkpoint Quiz

Guiding Questions

  • How will you modify assessments in a HyFlex class to reach all learners equitably? (Including in-person, synchronous, and asynchronous learners?)
  • How will you modify your syllabi to integrate a HyFlex course design?


Unit 3 – “Hybrid-Flexible Implementations Around World” Beatty, B. J. (2019). Hybrid-Flexible Course Design (1st ed.). EdTech Books.

Hybrid/HyFlex Teaching & Learning. Center for Teaching and Learning, Columbia College.


Syllabi and Other HyFlex Documents

(examples open in a new tab)

Includes pre-test, assignment examples, and mid-term feedback form

Module Four Checkpoint

Assessing your students background knowledge on a particular topic in the HyFlex classroom is all a part of:

If you do not have a TA, the following HyFlex strategy may be helpful:

Which of the following activity can work within a HyFlex class structure: